Welcome to Jack’s world

Jack wanted it to be easy for people to get their hands on a great cup of coffee. Sounds simple. Well now it is, with a coffee bar that’s quick to install and easy to manage. But what makes it so good?

Try these 10 top facts

  1. Ours is the smallest full-sized bean to cup coffee tower. Pretty impressive, eh?
  2. Big impact, small footprint (500mm wide). Thanks to its clever space-saving design.
  3. It’s self-service and user-friendly. Happy customers. Happy days.
  4. Installation is almost instant – a 13-amp plug and a pipe from your water mains is all it takes. What could be easier?
  5. Low staff maintenance. We know you’ll appreciate that.
  6. All drinks RSP £2 – pay at till point (Inc. VAT).
  7. Up to 100 drinks per day (regular 12oz size drinks) serving a choice 6 products.
  8. There’s a built-in milk fridge – you just supply the semi-skimmed milk bottles(cow not included).
  9. We’ve taken care of the consumables, too. Included are:
    • Fairtrade Espresso Coffee Beans
    • Hot Chocolate and White Sugar
    • Stirrers, Cups and Lids (made from recycled materials)
  10. Enjoy a full support package with a POS kit – creating maximum visibility in-store.


We love coffee. You’re an expert retailer. We should talk. Why?

Well, customers are at the heart of our business. Without you, we’re an empty cup. Yes, we’ve got great tasting coffee and Jack’s name is spreading fast, but we can only grow by building long-lasting friendships with the people who stock our coffee. So, we’ve been busy doing some research and spoken with some of your customers. We found out some pretty interesting things along the way:

  • Over half of people interviewed found the idea of purchasing a ‘coffee shop’ quality coffee from a local store appealing.
  • Quality of the coffee was paramount.
  • Convenience, quick service, and value for money are key to encouraging coffee purchase.


A little market insight

  1. The UK coffee shop market is now valued at over £1.4bn.
  2. Buying coffee out of home is a well-established part of UK consumers’ lifestyles.
  3. Daily take-away coffee is so vital to many people’s routine that it’s considered a ‘non-negotiable’ treat.
  4. Consumers use coffee as fuel (a wake-up) and it’s a habit that needs satisfying with good quality, ‘real’ coffee shop products.
  5. Our tastes are changing. Consumers are demanding better quality coffee moving forward.


Our offer has been specifically designed to serve up just that…

So come on – give us a call today 0845 122 2230 


We look forward to hearing from you.