Jack’s favourite blend

Like Jack, we’re coffee perfectionists. At the heart of every great cup we make is our finest espresso. Blended to deliver the perfect “barista-style” coffee on the go.

When you love coffee like Jack, you learn a thing or two about what makes it good. Take our beans. Ethically sourced from small farms in South and Central America as well as East Africa – small co-operative groups scattered across districts like Bukoba, Muleba and Misenye in Tanzania.

We then carefully roast them in the UK to create the espresso that’s at the heart of every cup. Full of flavour and with its distinct taste, it makes the perfect “barista-style” coffee. Not only do we want our coffee to taste great, we also take our commitment to social, economic and environmental issues pretty seriously too. It’s why all our coffee and hot chocolate is Fairtrade. A community man at heart, Jack would definitely approve.

Coffee tasting notes: Full-bodied and creamy with red cherry and dark chocolate notes throughout. Thick and satisfying with a powerful kick balanced by molasses sweetness and subtle acidity.